Updated to the Newest Recoil Update!

Use it at school, use it at work, use it on mobile device while doing restroom business –
works everywhere without the need of loading the full game.

And it also supports controller via USB for
PC/Mac and Bluetooth for mobile devices.

Rust Raid Toolkit


Available now 🎉

Available now 🎉


New Rust Raid Calculator

Our brand new Rust Raid Calculator is now available! Check it out here: Rust Raid Calculator

Who Are We?

Rusttips.com is a fan-made community with lots of free tools and guides for the video game Rust. The website and its tools are developed and coded by Admiral General AladeenGampine on the other hand helped with a few ideas around to improve and the patience with my coding and not playing.

We have a wide range of handy tools, like the Rust Aim Training, Rust Raid Calculator, Door Code Generator, and so much more. Also, check our various guides & YouTube how-to on setting up electricity.

Make sure to visit our official Discord server for giveaways, suggestions, announcements and to chat with other players. We want to be one of the best sites available for stuff related to Rust.

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“Made by gamers for gamers”

With more than 8200 hours combined, we know the game better than the average player and the tools on this site are carefully adjusted to fit.

That is not 8200 hours in PVP – most of the hours are PVE, building and fun stuff with electricity.

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