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Welcome to RustPrefabs – FREE custom Rust prefabs and Rust maps designed by  Admiral General Aladeen.

The Rust prefabs are made for fun.

When you download from this site, you agree upon these terms:

  • Attribution required and link to this site.
  • You may NOT redistribute or sell on other websites other than from this page as your own work.
  • You may use the prefabs and/or maps in your YouTube video as long as credit is given in description.

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Rust Guides | PUBG Rust Map | Free download

Fully custom PUBG map for Rust *UPDATED APRIL 2022*

Started as a small project, but ended up as a 1:1 PUBG map — inspired by Erangel. The whole map is 6000m × 6000m with lots of custom monuments and other fun stuff.

UPDATE 2022: Fixed errors, floating stuff and stupid misplaced rocks.

NOTE!: This map will no longer be maintained. If you are interested in further development, please contact me on Discord (link in menu).

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Rust Guides | de_nuke CS:GO Arena | Free download

CG:GO DE_NUKE inspired arena *UPDATED 2021*

Haven’t played CG:GO, but tried to make sort of a inspired/replica of the famous de_nuke map for arenas.

UPDATE 2021: Fixed walls not showing on live servers and updated for the HDRP type servers.

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Rust Guides | Aladeen's Shack | Free download

Aladeen’s Shack

I wanted my own little cozy place to sit in and play some poker. And then this was made.

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Rust Guides | Aladeen's Loot Paradise | Free download

Aladeen’s Loot Paradise

Custom house riddled with different loot rooms and a puzzle room.

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Rust Guides | Aladeen's Storage | Free download

Aladeen’s Storage

Another “loot paradise” riddled with loot and puzzle room. Plain and simple.

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Rust Guides | Aladeen's Map | Free download

The Aladeen Map

Useless, idiotic, low chance of survival, bad mountains. Just PERFECT! Enjoy the living hell from this badboy.

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