Rust Vanilla Server Simulator

The ultimate Rust simulator. Why bother opening up the game, hop on an official server, wait 30 minutes of loading screen to die within seconds? Get all these fine-tuned features below:

  • No loading time
  • Realistic
  • As toxic as the original
  • A list to read
  • No phone support whatsoever
  • Wait long enough and you will see unicorns

To start your adventure on this magical journey, press the RESPAWN button below.
This simulator is made for entertainment purposes only. You should consider buying Rust.

Version 1.04 - Updated
• First shown info is improved
• You can now drag the map around
• Random names instead of just Pepega
• Fixed a few bugs
Alive for Killed by At a distance of
 0s  -   bear   - 0m
Alive for Killed by With a At a distance of
 3s  -   Pepega    Custom SMG  - 86.2 m