Rust Aim Training

Please read info below before using this app.


This Rust Aim Training is modified of the original Rusty Recoil. Please make sure to visit their website to use the original app in the link below.

I only modified and adapted several other weapons to this already great app and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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StatsHitsHit %Total hit %Damage
Leg R0---
Leg L0---
Arm R0---
Arm L0---
KillsYou killed him/her 0 times



Controller settings

Adjust speed X axis
Adjust speed Y axis
Adjust deadzone

Deadzone value = 0.10

Save your controller settings and volume level to your browser.
Adjust recoil/spray

Recoil/spray value = 50

Standard value Steam = 50 | Standard value Console = 15


Try other weapons

Weapon sights

Tired of those long loading times?  Or do you just want to practice your aim? Train and master your aim with this Rust Aim Training simulator. Also, check out Rust Raid Calculator and Rust Raid Calculator Eco.

Controller support via USB only on PC/Mac and Bluetooth for mobile devices. Connect your controller and new options on the left side will appear!


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Using it on work or school? Don’t want to get caught using this? No problem! Press button F to instantly hide the Aim Trainer with fake update screens – both Windows and Mac (automatically detected)! Press F again to go back.

Version 4.00 - Updated
✓ Fixed controller shooting bug!
Known bugs:
- Not working 100% on phones. And probably never will.

This Rust Aim Training simulator will never replace the real deal with Rust, and the whole purpose of this is for people who want to quickly test their aim. Or for people who struggle with long loading times when entering servers. This is meant as a quick solution to get better at Rust.

To get realistic aim training for the game, hop on to an aim training server like GhostCap Gaming,, or something similar. They are great and will always beat this in any way. Just search “aim training” in the Modded section of Rust servers.

But I do hope some people find this helpful and useful, we do our best to listen to the community and fix/improve things by feedback. Latest updates are based on the feedback from other users. Join our Discord server to give feedback.

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