Rust Aim Training

Updated with latest weapons and recoil update. Do note that the recoil has changed to a more randomized spray!
You want to test the previous spray in Rust? Visit the previous Rust Aim Trainer and remember the good times.

Console players still need to use the previous Rust Aim Trainer! Use link above to go to console version.

Instant play, no loading times

Train and master your aim with this Rust Aim Training simulator. Also, check out Rust Raid Calculator and Rust Raid Calculator Eco.

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Stats Hits Hit % Total hit % Damage
Hits 0 - - -
Head 0 - - -
Body 0 - - -
Leg R 0 - - -
Leg L 0 - - -
Arm R 0 - - -
Arm L 0 - - -
Kills You killed him/her 0 times



Controller settings

Adjust speed X axis
Adjust speed Y axis
Adjust deadzone

Deadzone value = 0.10

Shoot with


Adjust recoil/spray

Recoil/spray value = 50

Standard value Steam = 50
Standard value Console = 25
Recoil may vary, adjust to your recoil!


Controller support via USB only on PC/Mac and Bluetooth for mobile devices. Connect your controller and new options on the left side will appear!

Version 5.30.3 - Updated
✓ Silencer added() & and fixed some weapons showing wrong damage when selecting muzzle
✓ Added Prototype 17 (burst not working)
✓ Fixed aim for M249 and added new sounds pew pew
✓ Redesigned
× Removed "incognito" mode
✓ Added RT or LT shoot for console!
✓ Minor issues fixed!
✓ New UI, new weapons, new sounds, new recoil! Everything is changed!
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Controller disconnected