The Story of Rusttips.

We have created an awesome place that will help new and experienced players
to expand their knowledge in Rust. Well, that is what we hope we have done. is a place to learn more about functions within the game Rust – like electrical mechanics, genetics modification, base designs, practical info, rust calculators for raiding/genetics. You can also get free maps and prefabs for your own server.

Also, we have a Rust Aim Trainer with controller support. A great tool for console players to train their aim or to test our different weapons since console edition don’t have any aim training servers.

These Rust guides are made by me – Admiral General Aladeen – and my teammate (and beautiful SO) Gampine, tools like Raid Calculator, Aim Trainer are programmed by Aladeen, to help you with your everyday playing of Rust. We are both experienced players with more than 8500 hours of combined playtime.

Beware! Some guides may be outdated due to frequent updates in the game. We try to keep it updated to each update.

For business inquiries or advertisements, please contact me on Discord or e-mail.

Support is a fan made community site and are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Facepunch or Rust, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official Rust website can be found at You can support me and Gampine by sharing this page to your friends, family, colleagues/classmates, etc.