January 22, 2023 Admiral General Aladeen

Raiding 101: How to Pillage and Plunder like a Pro in Rust

Listen up, rustlers! Raiding is where the real fun in Rust begins, but let’s face it, it ain’t easy. You need to have a solid plan and the right equipment if you want to raid a base successfully.

So put down that rock, and pay attention, cause we’re gonna teach you how to raid like a pro.

#1 — Do your homework

Before you raid a base, you gotta know what you’re getting into. Take a look at the base’s layout, the number of players inside, and any defenses that may be in place.

This way you’ll know if you’re raiding a fort knox or a cardboard box.

#2 — Gather the right tools

A good raider is always prepared. Make sure you have a good set of armor, weapons, and tools, such as a pickaxe and a hatchet. Trust me, you don’t want to raid a base with just a rock and a torch.

#3 — Distraction is key

Distraction is the key to any successful raid. Try throwing a rock or a grenade in a different direction to distract the players inside the base, and then move in for the raid.

#4 — Teamwork makes the dream work

Communication is key when raiding a base. Make sure you have a clear plan in place and that everyone on your team knows their role. This will help ensure that the raid is executed smoothly and efficiently.

#5 — Always have a plan B

Even with the best plan in place, things can go wrong. Make sure you have a backup plan in case the raid doesn’t go as planned. This could include having a secondary point of entry or a way to retreat quickly if necessary. Like a helicopter or a hot air balloon.


Raiding in Rust is like going on a treasure hunt, and you’re the pirate. With these tips, you’ll be raiding like a pro in no time. And remember, if all else fails, just remember the wise words of Captain Jack Sparrow: “Why fight when you can negotiate?”

Keep in mind that Rust is a game that is constantly changing, the tips provided here are for humoristic purposes and might not be completely accurate or up to date.