April 15, 2021 Admiral General Aladeen

RUST HDRP is finally here



2020 has certainly been a wild-ride. From the spread of a seemingly unending state of lockdown, casual and hardcore gamers ended up rejoicing and diving into games that never made it to the spotlight before. The likes of Among Us, Valheim, Fall Guys, may never have become this successful in normal circumstances. However, there is one such game that also rose to the top charts, and in fact, it is possibly one of the few the games that still deserves more attention — Rust.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game that incorporates a variety of mechanics from different games, namely DayZ and Minecraft. But, never mind that. In early 2019, the development team decided to utilize HDRP for the game’s engine. For those who are unaware, HDRP refers to High Definition Render Pipeline, which is a feature that Unity offers. HDRP can provide some unparalleled visual fidelity but it obviously demands a lot of computing power. Needless to say, it took them 2 years but the dev-team is finally ready to publicly test out the overhaul.

Long story short — the game looks fantastic! With a slew of graphical changes and a more enhanced world, the map for Rust has been significantly changed. The performance might take a hit for some users, but it might remain the same for most. Moreover, if the testing goes well, the team will be fully releasing the update on May 6th.

How to access HDRP Rust?

Are you just as excited as we are for testing the game? Well, you can! It’s actually very simple. Just head over to your Steam Library, right-click Rust – Staging Branch and access its properties. After that, simply click on the BETAS tab and check ‘aux01 – backport’ from the menu and proceed to download the update.

Check this guide for more details: Host your own HDRP Rust Server

World Objects

It is fascinating how HDRP completely changes the look and feel of a game, providing an improvement that most may consider an entirely new game. The texture packs and models for the entire map have been enhanced and refined. In fact, it might not be possible to list down every single change made to the game. Everything from the ground-up has been tweaked. Mountains, plains, foliage, ice sheets, and even resources — Rust has never looked this stunning before.

The dev-team has managed to somewhat target and overhaul a few monuments as well. For starters, the Satellite Dish has undergone a facelift. Not to mention, the raised platforms seemingly connect to other parts of the monument. There is also a new parking lot, designed in such a way that it also features a recycler and telephone right next to it.

Another fully revamped monument includes the Junkyard. The Junkyard has been completely changed, both visually and in terms of functionality as well. It is now full of wrecked cars, along with a static lift, a magnetic crane, as well as car compactor. Furthermore, not will players become capable of working on cars, but they can also recycle them for certain materials.

The monuments are still under progress and will take some time before the update is officially released.