April 8, 2021 Admiral General Aladeen

Rust Server Admin Commands

To use any of the commands from this complete Rust Server Admin Commands list, you must have access to RCON by either ownerid or moderatorid to use server commands or variables. You can also press F1 in game to input commands.

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Rust Guides | Oxide Local Server

If you’re running a server locally, you can use the commands in the cmd window.

In our case, we run a simple Oxide server locally for our base design builds.

You can check this guide on how to setup Rust server with Oxide.

List over often used commands

Server Settings / Console editing

Command Values Description
chat.serverlog true If True, chat will be logged to the console
echo "text"   Prints text to the server console
env.time   Sets the time to this value in hours
event.run   Sends an airdrop from a random direction
find <command or ".">   Searches for a command, using "." will list all commands.
say "Message"   Broadcasts a message to all players
server.globalchat true If true, chat messages will be broadcasted to all players
server.stop   Stops your server
server.save   Saves your server
server.saveinternal "value" 60 Defines the time cycle for your server to autosave in seconds.
server.secure true If True, EAC will kick banned or unregistered players before joining
server.seed "value" 123456 Sets the server's seed
server.stability true If true, Structure stability is enabled
server.tickrate <rate> 30 Sets the tick rate of your server
server.writecfg   Saves .cfg changes which have been implemented via commands
quit   saves everything and stops the server
init   Loads config files

Player Administration

Command Values Description
ban "player name" "reason"   Bans Player for specified reason
banid <steam64>   Bans Player via Steam 64 ID.
banlist   Lists the banned user list within chat
banlistex   List of banned users with reasons and usernames
kick <steam64 or playername> reason   Kicks a user by inputting their steamID64 or their playername for an optional reason.
kickall   Kicks all users
listid <steam64>   Lists users who have been banned via Steam64 ID.
moderatorid <steam64 or playername>   Sets a player as a server mod, with auth level 1.
ownerid <steam64 or playername>   Sets player as a server admin with auth level 2.
removemoderator <steam64>   Removes authorization from a user who has level 1 auth
removeowner <steam64>   Removes ownership from a user who has level 2 auth
unban <steam64>   Unbans a user via their steam ID.

Player Controls

Command Values Description
chat.say   Sends a message in chat through the F1 console
find <command>   Search for a command which is available to you
kill   Suicide
quit   Saves everything, closes the game
respawn   Forces yourself to respawn
respawn_sleepingbag   Forces yourself to respawn in your sleeping bag


Command Values Description
players   Shows connected Players
status   Shows connected Clients
users   Shows user info for connected players


Command Values Description
gc.collect   Recollects unused memory and unloads unused assets
perf   Prints out performance data
physics_iterations "number" 7 Sets the default solver iteration count permitted for rigid bodies.
physics_steps   Amount of physics steps per second
queue   Shows the stability and surroundings queue
report   Generates a report of all spawned entities in the server's root directory
textures   Lists the loaded textures

uMod Oxide Permission Commands

Command Description
oxide.load "file name" Loads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
oxide.reload "file name" Reloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
oxide.unload "file name" Unloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
version Displays the Oxide version and the Rust network protocol version in the console
oxide.grant user <name><permission> Grants a user a permission
oxide.revoke user <name><permission> Revokes a users permission
oxide.grant group <group><permission> Grants a group a permission
oxide.revoke group <group><permission> Revokes a groups permission
oxide.usergroup add <name><group> Adds a user to a group
oxide.usergroup remove <name><group> Removes a user from a group
oxide.group add <group> <"[Title]"><rank> Creates a new group Title and rank are optional depending on the circumstance.
oxide.group remove <group> Removes a group
oxide.group set <group><"[Title]"><rank> Sets the title or rank of a group.
oxide.group parent <parentgroup><childgroup> Setting the parent group of another group
oxide.show user <name> Shows a user's permissions
oxide.show group <group> Shows a group's members and permissions
oxide.show perm <permission>  Shows which user or group has a permission
oxide.show groups/perms Shows all groups or permissions
oxide.grant group <group> * Grants a group a wildcard. Wildcard simply means all. So this would grant the right to all permissions
oxide.grant user oxide.* Grants a user all permissions without adding them to the admin group.

Big list of commands

Command Values Description Notes
admin.mutevoice "player" player name/Steam64 ID Prevent a player from speaking in-game *
admin.unmutevoice "player" player name/Steam64 ID Allow a player to speak in-game *
admin.mutechat "player" player name/Steam64 ID Prevent a player from sending messages via in-game chat *
admin.unmutechat "player" player name/Steam64 ID Allow a player to send messages via in-game chat *
chat.say "text" string Prints your text in the chat  
craft.add [id] Item ID Add an item to your crafting queue You must have the appropriate items in your inventory
craft.cancel [id] Item ID Cancel the crafting task of the specified item  
craft.canceltask   Cancel the item currently being crafted  
entity.debug_lookat   Enable debugging for the entity you are looking at  
entity.find_entity [entity] Entity name Find the position of all entities with the provided name  
entity.find_group [entity_group] Entity group name Find the position of all entity groups with the provided name  
entity.find_id [id] Entity ID Find the position of an entity with the given ID  
entity.find_parent   Find the position of all parent entities  
entity.find_radius [radius] Integer Find the position of all entities in the given radius  
entity.find_self   Find the position of the player entity  
entity.find_status [status] Entity status Find an entity with the given status  
entity.spawn [entity] Entity name Spawn an entity where you are looking  
entity.spawnat [entity] [worldPos] Entity name/position Spawn an entity at the specified position in the world  
entity.spawnhere [entity] [distance] Entity name/integer Spawn an entity nearby at the specified distance away from the player  
entity.spawnitem [entity] Entity item name Spawn an item in the world  
env.addtime 0-24 Integer between 0-24 Fast-forward time by the specified number of hours  
gc.collect   Collect the garbage dump  
global.ban "player" "reason" player name Ban a player from the game "reason" is optional
global.banid "player" "reason" Steam64 ID Ban a player from the game by Steam ID "reason" is optional
global.banlist   Displays a list of banned users  
global.banlistex   Displays a list of banned users with reasons and usernames  
global.kick "player" player name/Steam64 ID Kick a player from the server  
global.kickall "reason"   Kick everyone from the game "reason" is optional
global.listid   Displays a list of banned users by ID  
global.moderatorid "id" Steam64 ID Make a player a server moderator AuthLevel 1, (Moderator)
global.ownerid "id" Steam64 ID Make a player a server owner AuthLevel 2, (Admin)
global.players   Prints out currently connected players  
global.quit()   Leave the game  
global.removemoderator "id" Steam64 ID Remove a moderator  
global.removeowner "id" Steam64 ID Remove an owner  
global.restart   Restart the server with a 300 seconds warning at 5 second intervals  
global.say "text" string Sends a message to all players in chat  
global.status   Prints out currently connected players and server stats Only available for admins
global.unban "id" Steam64 ID Unban a player from the game  
global.users()   Shows user info for players on server  
server.backup   Backup the server folder  
server.readcfg   Load server config  
server.save   Force a save-game  
server.start   Starts a server  
server.stop   Stops a server  
server.writecfg   Save all config changes  
weather.rain [value] Value between 0 and 1.0, 0 is none, 1.0 is 100% Set the rain factor in the server Using anything other than a valid value will set it to auto
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