has a wide range of different guides and other handy tools available for free to the community. Here you will discover our Rust electricity guides, Rust base design guides, free prefabs & maps, Rust genetics calculator, Rust raid calculator & Rust cost calculator, and much more. is a fan-made site by Admiral General Aladeen and my significant half — Gampine. Our Rust guides are based on what we make in Rust.

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Useful tools

Train your aim in Rust with keyboard and mouse or with a connected gamepad/controller for Console players!

Rust raid calculator & cost calculator all in one. You can input what you are raiding or just input how many rockets, C4, etc you want to get.

With this Rust Smelter Calculator (or Rust Furnace Calculator) you can input whatever you need to smelt.

This simple and easy to use Rust calculator provides good help for calculating your perfect genetics.

Rust News

Top 10 Rust Server Hosting Providers -

We will provide you with the Top 10 Most Recommended Rust Server Hosting Providers out there for you.

Rust Prefabs & Rust Maps

Rust Prefabs & Rust Maps

Started as a small project, but ended up as a 1:1 PUBG map — inspired by Erangel.
UPDATE 2021: Added lots of more custom monuments and fixed for the HDRP type servers.

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