April 29, 2021 Admiral General Aladeen

HDRP Backport is near

Rustiafied has good news for those who cannot wait on the new HDRP. The backport is coming next week on the May 2021 update. As usual the update will hit around usual time – 8:00pm UTC+2.

Stay tuned for more HDRP next week.

Rust Console Public Beta live

Another great news this thursday morning is that public beta is going live for those who ordered Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Rust Console Edition is set to launch May 21 and you can still pre-order the game.

Car scrapping incoming

Along with the many changes of the monuments, Rustiafied writes that the car scrapping crane on Junkyard will be one of the largest functionality shifts coming with the backport. Although not fully implemented yet, but hopefully it will make it to the May update.

The magnetic scrapping crane will take your used up car and put it in a scrapper that will recycle it and (again hopefully) give you some juicy loot in the end.

Check in next week for more

Poker fixes

Seems like many fixes are coming on May update. Here is a summery of the fixes:

  • Fixed players dying while playing poker causing the cards they were holding to stay floating there. You know you can’t play with ghost cards, bro.

  • Adjusted seat positions on card tables, fixing the ones where the player’s held cards could clip into the table contents

  • Don’t make the player hold space/esc to leave the poker UI if they aren’t in a game yet

  • End the game as expected when one player leaves a two-player game

  • Correctly pay out abandoned scrap if there’s only one invested player

  • Rename the card table next round phrase since the text content/meaning has changed

  • Fix double-showing a result if there are no primary winners

  • If there’s NOBODY else in the game at the end of a round, that always means you won (wasn’t a real bug but the UI would in some cases only show the scrap as “returned” instead of “won”)

  • Fixed the player being left holding cards if they go all-in in a two-player game and get kicked after the result for losing all their scrap.